Coupon commands

As of BuycraftX 10.2, you can now create coupons in-game. As we wanted to create a solution which is easy to use in-game, there are some options which are not possible to achieve from the coupon creation command. If you need to, you can always modify the coupon from your control panel.

  • Your coupon code will be automatically generated and can not be overridden.
  • You can not restrict the coupon to certain items or categories.
  • All coupons will apply to all items in a user's basket.
  • All coupons will apply to both single purchase and subscriptions.

The coupon create command

When creating a coupon you will be able to use the "/buycraft coupon create ..." command but to choose the type of coupon you are making you will need to add the following:

When creating a coupon you can choose the discount type of 'percentage' or 'value'.
'percentage' is a percentage value and you can use values like "0.5", "25.64" or "31".
'value' makes the discount based on price. Valid values include "10.00", "5.5" and "123".
Adding an expiry type to your coupon is optional and if no expiry has been provided then the coupon will never expire. You can choose expires or limit:
'expires' is a duration in the format of "nwndnhnd" some examples are "12d", "1h", "6d23h", and "1w3d1h42m".
'limit' places a limit on the number of times the coupon can be redeemed.
Using a limit is optional as well but you can add a minimum basket value and a user limit.
'min_value' is the minimum cart value before a coupon can be applied. Valid values include 10.00, 5.5 and 123.
'user_limit' allows you to limit the number of times any one user can apply the coupon. You need to use whole numbers for this variable "1", "40" or "300" for example.
Full command examples:

The example below creates a coupon which discounts 25% expires in 12 days and players can only redeem it twice.

/buycraft coupon create percentage 25 expires 12d user_limit 2
This example will discount your basket price by $/£/€10.10, will only be able to be redeemed 100 times overall, will not let the basket price go below $/£/€5 and will only allow players to purchase using this coupon once.
/buycraft coupon create value 10.10 limit 100 min_value 5 user_limit 1

The coupon list command

The coupon list command will list out the coupons and their names in the console so that you can view them to give to your players.

/buycraft coupon list

The coupon delete command

You can also delete coupons from in-game using the following command.

/buycraft coupon delete <couponname>

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