How to enable Gifting on your webstore

You can now allow gifting of packages per package at the checkout for players who would like to purchase a gift for another player.

You can enable this feature from the "Settings > Webstore" page and once it is enabled players will be able to log into the store as themselves and buy gifts for different players. 

After this is enabled, players will be given the option to allow gifting on their webstore.

Important notice for customers with custom templates before 6th April 2017: 

This feature will require a template change for anyone using their own custom template. The change is quite simple but you will need to add the following.

{% if not package.disable_gifting %}
   {% include "gifting.html" %}
{% endif %}

You will need to add this just before the end of the "basket.packages" loop in "checkout.html" and it will also allow you to choose which packages you would like to be able to gift.

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