User lookup

While running your store there will come a point where you need to know more about a player's history and their risk to your store. For this, you can make use of the user lookup feature. After searching a username it will allow you to view a players chargeback rate, previous purchases and their total number of bans. A good example of when the user lookup feature can help you is when deciding if a player can be chargeback whitelisted.
The user lookup feature is in the "Fraud" section of the control panel. It will allow you to search a username or UUID to find a player's details.

After you have searched for a player you can view the player's global chargeback percentage across all Buycraft stores; the global number of bans the player has received on all Buycraft stores; and the local purchase history for that player from your store.

You can also find the Username and UUID of the player, their Buycraft user ID, and when their username is cached until. You can also ban the player from this page so they cannot buy from your store again.   

If a player has changed their username it will only update on Buycraft the next time they log into any Buycraft webstore. You can enter their old or new username when logging into a webstore to manually update the username in Buycraft.  

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