Chargeback whitelist

The chargeback whitelist feature allows you to whitelist players who have been banned as a result of our chargeback prevention. Some players can have chargebacks linked to their account which they were not responsible for, like packages being purchased for them or as a result of legitimate fraudulent activity on their accounts. To help determine if a player is not a threat to your store you can use the User lookup feature alongside the player's request to be unbanned.

Once you have determined that you would like a user to purchase on your store you can find the chargeback whitelist option under "Fraud" in the control panel.

To add someone to the whitelist click the "Add entry" button and enter their username and you can also add an optional note to the whitelist entry.

Once the player is added to the whitelist you will be able to view their username and reason and search your whitelist entries by username or UUID.

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