How to manage your billing settings

The billing and plans pages are where you can manage all of your billing settings. You can find the plans page at the top of the control panel and choose the plan you would like to use there. 

Once on a plan, you can use the billing page to find your plan receipts, download invoices and update your billing details. To go to the billing page you will need to click the "Billing" button on the top right of the Plans page.

On this page, you can view your current subscription status, transaction history and download your invoices for the plan you are on. You can also update your billing details from this page if you would like to change the method of payment or account paying for the subscription. 

All plans are billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time by choosing the Starter plan. Cancelling from a PayPal's pre-approved payments will not cancel the plan as the subscription system is not using the PayPal subscription system.

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