Plugin commands and permissions

The Buycraft Plugin only has one permission node.The "buycraft.admin" permission node gives the specified user access to the following commands:

  • /buycraft refresh - Refreshes your package cache.
  • /buycraft forcecheck - Performs a force check of packages currently waiting to be executed on your server.
  • /buycraft report - Generates a 'report.txt' file in the Buycraft folder.
  • /buycraft signupdate - Force updates recent purchase signs (Only in the Bukkit/Spigot plugin).
  • /buycraft coupon - for more information on this see our coupon commands guide.
  • buycraft secret - Add's the secret key on file (Must be executed in the console).

The only other command available is the "/buy" command which does not fall under the permission node. Its default is to be available to all players and the command can only be executed by a player.

It is very important to not give the permission node to general users as damage could be caused to your Bukkit server/Buycraft account. It is also important to not give your server secret to the public if you find that it has been leaked make sure to reset your secret key by going to the servers page in the Buycraft control panel.

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