Webstore settings

The webstore page contains settings which affect the entire webstore including, default currency, language, https and options for checkout.

During the setup process for the webstore, you will have chosen the default language and currency of the store but if you need to update it at any point you can find it here.

If you would like to enforce HTTPS on your custom domain then you can by enabling HTTPS on this page.

You can also choose to filter packages per server if you are running multiple plugins for one webstore. You can choose to show either all of the packages on your store, or only the ones which are linked to the specific server/secret key.

The minimum basket value will change the smallest amount that a player can check out with, though, free baskets can still be redeemed even if there is a minimum basket value.

Changing the maximum coupons per basket will limit the amount of coupons that can be used on a basket at once. Set to "0" if you do not want there to be a limit.

You can choose if you want to allow free baskets on checkout, with the enable free baskets setting. If a coupon or sale brings a basket price to "0.00" then it will be counted as a free basket and will be affected by this setting.

The required billing details are the details that appear on the checkout page, for example, full name, email, and address. You can disable these details from appearing on the checkout page by disabling the option here. The billing details are forced on if you have a tax rate enabled or if it is a subscription package as this information is need for these features to work.

The free basket interval is the number of hours a player has to wait before redeeming another free basket after redeeming a free basket. Set to "0" if you do not want them to have to wait between redeeming free baskets.

Setting a spending limit will stop a player from spending more than the limit within the chosen period of time. This can be very useful for stopping large spending spree's which can then be charged back by a single player. Set to "0.00" if you do not want there to be a limit.

If you want to implement Google analytics with your Buycraft webstore you can do so by entering your analytics ID here to start tracking information.

Using the webstore security log you can view any changes to your webstore and which accounts made the changes. If you would like to view your account log for changes made using your own account you can find them on your Profile page.

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