How to set up PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal's Express Checkout offers a few extra options. It captures payments differently to the normal integration and does not rely on IPN's for the initial payment updates in your Buycraft account, however, the IPN's will still need to be set up for refunds and payment updates. 

Buycraft settings

For setting up the gateway you will need to go to "Settings > Payment Gateways" and click to set up a new gateway. Once you have chosen "PayPal Express Checkout" you will see the settings you need to enter for this gateway.

PayPal Email: This will just be your primary PayPal email.

PayPal API Username: You can find all of your API details via the link below this field, or by clicking here.

PayPal API Password: You can find your API password via the link above.

PayPal API Signature: You can find your API Signature via the link above.

PayPal Checkout language: Here you can choose the default language for the PayPal checkout page.

Once you have completed these steps you can optionally set a price offset for this gateway.

PayPal settings

To set up PayPal express checkout you will need to be using a PayPal business account so that you can use the PayPal API credentials. To make sure that your updates to your payments are sent over to Buycraft you will need to update your IPN settings:

  • Go to 'Profile' at the top of your Paypal account
  • Then click 'Profile and Settings' in the dropdown
  • Next, go to 'My selling preferences'
  • Then update on 'Instant Payment Notifications'
  • Click the button to 'Choose IPN settings'
  • Enter the URL: '',
  • Click the option marked '(Enabled)'
  • Finally, click save.
After it has saved you have set up PayPal Express Checkout on Buycraft!

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