How to set up Recent Payments signs

You can display recent payments in-game using a row of signs with head blocks placed on the top of the account. Every 15 or 30 minutes the signs will update and show the most recent users who have purchased a package depending on the plugin version.

For BuycraftX onwards you only need place your head blocks and then signs underneath and enter “[buycraft_rp]” on the first line of the sign. 

After entering that you will need to enter "1" if you want to display the most recent player on that sign.  After clicking "Done" you can then do the same on a new sign but enter the number "2" instead. This will show the second most recent player to purchase on the store and so on. 

Once you have placed all your heads and signs with the correct information on them the players displayed on each sign will update every 15 minutes.

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