Payments statuses not updating

Sometimes in Buycraft, the payment's status can show up differently to how they display in your gateway. This is most often caused by the gateway's IPN, Pingback, or webhooks not being set up correctly.

  • PayPal: You will need to make sure that the IPN URL is set up correctly as mentioned in the PayPal setup guide.
  • PayPal Express Checkout: You will need to do the same steps as above, though the IPN URL is slightly different. You can find the details in the PayPal Express Checkout setup guide.
  • Stripe: You will need to make sure that you have Webhooks set up correctly. You can find the steps to set them up in the Stripe setup guide.
  • Paymentwall: This gateway has pingback settings which should be set up for you if you used the custom set up options in our set up guide. If you have set up your integration manually you will need to use "" as the Pingback URL.
  • PayGol:  You can find the details of the setup in the tutorial and will need to set the IPN URL to: "". PayGol's IPN currently will not currently resend IPN's if they fail the first time which can cause some payment updates not to display in Buycraft. They are however working on this issue and we hope to see a resending option from them in the near future.

Once the IPN is set up you will be able to receive payment updates every time anything changes for each payment.

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