Community Goals

Community Goals provide the ability to execute global commands on the server after multiple players purchase packages that add up towards the goal. 

Part 1: Community Goals

You can set up a goal from the "Community Goal" section found on the left-hand navigation and from the Community Goals page, you will be able to edit and add new Goals to your webstore.

When setting up a community goal, first you can enter a name for the goal, add a description and add an image for the goal.

Next, you will need to set the target for your community goal and set the goal's status, you can also choose to repeat the goal if the target is met. This target will only be added to by payments which are "Complete" and if a payment updates to a "Refund", "Chargeback" or another status it will now be removed from the goal total. When the option to repeat the goal is enabled, any overflow is then added onto the next goal total.  

Once you have chosen your settings, you can choose the commands that will execute on the server when the goal is completed. You will be able to use the default variables of "{time}" and "{date}" but will not able to use custom variables in these commands.

Once the commands have been added you will be able to create the goal and the first part of the setup is now complete. 

Part 2: Packages

To make sure that package purchases are linked to the goal you will need to open the package edit page and select which goal it's purchase price will be added towards. This could be in addition to a package issuing its own benefits, or it could be a standalone package that only contributes to the community goal.

Part 3: Module set up

Once you have chosen a selection of your package to contribute towards your community goal you will be able to display the player's progress on the webstore. You can find the module in "Design > Modules > Create Module".

Once you have selected the "Community Goal" module you will be able to choose the header, bar style and choose the community goal linked to that module.

Once you have made the module live it will display the progress as it happens on your webstore.

Please Note: The community goal module uses a new template layout. This layout has been added to every custom template and has been built to be compatible with both 'flat' and 'classic' templates, but you may wish to modify it to suit your own needs.

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