How to set up Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great way of increasing sales and allow players to purchase credit on a server's store. The Gift Card code will be emailed to the player after purchase and can be used all at once or spent partially. If a player has used $5 of their $20 Gift Card they will be able to check their balance in the Gift Card module and spend the rest of the balance at another time. Gift Cards are per store only and will not work in another Buycraft store than the one it was bought from.

Gift Card setup:

You can create a Gift Card within a package and can create one using conventional commands or no commands at all.

Once you have opened the package edit page you will be able to edit the normal settings such as name, description and price. The price will be the price of the of the Gift Card and then you can set the value of the card below.

To allow a player to choose the price of the Gift Card you will need to enable the two options below. These options allow the customer to choose the price of the package and links the price they choose to the value of the Gift Card. The minimum value a player can enter is determined by the "Price" field, and the maximum is defined by the Gift Card value. For example, with a price of $5 and a Gift Card value of $20 the player enters 15 and will get a $15 Gift Card.  However, if they entered "3" or "25" it would not allow them to purchase.

Gift Card page:

Once a Gift Card has been created you will be able to view the active cards and manually create new cards in "Discounts > Gift Cards". 

You can create your own Gift Cards from this page and find a list of all of the cards which have been created.

When viewing a Gift Card you can make it "Void" to stop a player from being able to use it further in your store and also see the history of each Gift Card and how it has been redeemed.

Gift Card module:

If you would like your players to be able to check the balance of their Gift Cards you can add the Gift Card module to your webstore. You can find the module under "Design > Modules > Create Module" in the control panel.

Once you are creating the module you can enter the title of the module and then it will display on your store in the modules section.

The player can then enter their Gift Card code which they will have received via email to check the current balance of the card from the webstore.

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