How to set up G2A Pay

G2A pay is a gateway which supports multiple gateways including Card, iDeal, Paysafecard, Pagseguro and more.

Sign up for a G2A Pay account for Buycraft

If you do not have a G2A.COM account yet, can create one here:

After logging into your account you will need to enter your details on the specialised Buycraft signup form here:

Within a couple days, you will be contacted by G2A’s Sales Representative who will guide you through verifying your business and personal information. 

Setting up your store

After the verification is done, you need to create a store at your G2A Pay Account. To do so, login to your G2A Pay Account and go to Merchant Tab > Settings. Then click on Add new store and fill the name and description.

After clicking Add you will need to provide extra information on your business.

Next click Save and then move down and fill in your IPN URI with: sure to enter the IPN details "" as shown above. Once you have entered this, click save then copy the Secret and API hash.

After completing this and clicking Save at the bottom of the page, G2A’s compliance team will activate your account and their Sales Representative will confirm this back to you, however, you may be requested for more information depending on your individual business set up.  

Once you reach 900EUR processed or equivalent in other currency, you will be contacted by G2A Sales Representative for further verification. Note that during that time, it will not be possible for you to pay any funds out until the final verification is complete.

Buycraft settings

On Buycraft you will need to go to "Settings > Payment gateways" then click "Setup Payment Gateway" and on the next page you can choose the G2A Pay gateway. You will then need to enter your G2A Pay account email, Secret and API hash and click create.

Once you have created the gateway you will now be accepting payments via G2A Pay!

Gateway notes

There are a few things which are slightly different about this gateway, for example, they do not pass along notifications of chargebacks so if you do have a player chargeback then you will need to ban them manually from your webstore or update the status manually, see below.

Also if you would like to refund payments then you will need to do it directly from your Buycraft payment from the button at the top of the page. 

You can also refund payments by emailing G2A Pay directly on "".

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