How to use AB testing

AB testing allows you to test small changes on your packages and see which changes perform better on your store. Players who enter your store will be put into one of two groups and each group will see a different version of your store with the changes on packages.

Once you have created a package on your webstore you will be able to add an AB test from the edit page of the package.

After clicking "Create AB Test" you will be able to edit a few of the package's main properties which "Group B" players will see when they log into the store. Once you have made the changes you would like to test for this package then you will need to click "Create" and then update the Package to start the test.

Once the test is running you can check in on the progress of the test in from the Statistics page under "AB tests". On this page, you will see the previous test's start and end dates along with the results of each test. 

To stop a test at any time you can end it by opening the package and edit the AB test.

Then you can remove the edit page of the AB test and make the changes if necessary to your main package. 

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