How to set up Webstore Referrals

Webstore referrals are a feature which allows you to track the origin of your webstore traffic and the conversion rates for each source. The links will look like "" and can be used in conjunction with forums, videos and any other advertisements which link to your webstore. 

Set up a referral link

You can find the set up for your webstore referral links by going to "Settings > Webstore referrals" and then from that page, you will be able to create your first referral link.

When creating a referral link you can choose the internal name of the link and the slug which will appear on the end of our webstore link like this "". 

After you click update, you will be able to see the details of your link including the number of clicks on the link, the number of purchases made after being referred and the total value of the referral's purchases and below that you will be able to see the purchase's linked to this referral link.


For an overview of your current referral sources, you can head over to "Statistics > Referrals" and choose by month the leading referral sources which you have created on your webstore.

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