How to set up abandoned basket recovery

Abandoned basket recovery is a feature that allows you to configure a follow-up email or message in game to be sent to players that have added items to the basket but not yet completed the purchase. This is a great way to improve on conversions for your store and to make sure you're not losing out on potential sales!


To set up this feature you will need to head to "Settings > Abandoned Basket Recovery" in the control panel. On this page, you will be able to turn on the email and in game options, set the number of hours delay until the check up email is sent (1-72 hours) and choose the message you would like to send in game.

Custom email content

As with all emails, you can completely edit and customise your content using our template editor. You can find the template page for this email under "email/abandonedcart.html".

Once you have finished editing you can find the details of the email you can send a preview of it by clicking "Live Preview" and entering your email in the pop up.

Statistics page

To measure the effectiveness of this feature you can find the details of the returning customers under "Statistics > Abandoned Baskets" in your statistics section.

You will then be able to view your, emails sent, the clickthrough rate and the number of sales generated for the period you select.

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