How to set up player checks

What are player checks?

Player checks are an extended fraud feature which will stop players from entering your store unless they have also visited your server. This feature requires you to link a Statscraft account to track your player's login activity, but when it is linked up it will allow you to use their username and IP information to check if they should be granted access to your store.


  • Installed the Statscraft plugin on either BungeeCord or Spigot server - view guide
  • Integrate your Buycraft into your Statscraft server - view guide

Setting up Player checks:

You can find the player checks option by going to "Fraud" in the left navigation and selecting "Player Checks" in the submenu.

Check Player Visited Server

This option will turn on the ability to block players by username or UUID from logging into your store if they have not previously logged into your server.

Seen within

The 'seen within' option means that the player would have to have logged into the server in the past X days to be able to log into the store. If you would not like o set a time period on your store then you will need to enter "0", to check all of the player's history.

Check Server Access IP

This option will allow you to block a player from logging into the store unless they are using the same IP that they last used while logging into your server.

Skip errors

In the event that Buycraft cannot connect to Statscraft (an issue with the secret key, or the API call cannot be returned) then you can choose to allow players to log into the store anyway to keep things running smoothly.

Block logs

If you ever want to check up on a support message about being banned you can check the block logs by clicking the "Block logs" button at the top right of the page and viewing all of the past attempted logins from there.

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