How to set up your custom manual gateway

What is the custom payments gateway?

The custom payment gateway allows you to process payments manually as if they were real payments. This means that they will act as payments in every way affecting your statistics, community goals and so on. This is different to making a manual payment from the control panel which will only grant the player the items in game.

This gateway can be found like any others under "Settings > Payment gateways" in the control panel, though there is a slightly different set of requirements. You will need to enter instructions to your customers 

We also have some variables which will bring the basket total basket price and currency through dynamically using the  {total} and {currency} variables.

Make sure to include the transaction ID for your customers using the  {reference} variable!

After adding this gateway your customers will be able to go through your custom checkout process.

Once the gateway is enabled your players will see the option to checkout with your custom gateway.

Then after entering all of their details, they will be presented with your instruction page with instructions on how to pay.

Then the payment will show up in your payments section as "Pending capture" in your payments section and you will need to manually mark them as complete.

To change the payment to make it as paid you will need to edit the payment and clicking the " Change" button next to the status.

Once you have changed the payment status to "Complete" it will automatically add the commands to the pending queue and execute them as normal.

Change the payment's status with the payments API 

You can also combine this with the use of the payments API to change the payment's status automatically and trigger these updates as you receive the payments on your system. You can find the API documentation here.

Custom templates 

If you had a custom template from before 21st December 2017 then you will need to make a small change to your "checkout.html" template page. If you head to the 98th line of a default template then you can remove the line <img src="/templates/209/img/gateways/{{ gateway.gateway }}.png"/> and replace it with <img src="{{ gateway.image }}"/> which will allow your custom gateway images to be displayed.

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