How to set up Stripe

Stripe is a gateway which supports card payments in a smooth and simple integration on your webstore. You can find out more about them on their website here:

Stripe settings

After registering an account with Stripe and logging into your account you will need to click on "API" on the left of the page.

From this page, you will need to select "API Keys" and copy the "Live Secret key" and the "Live Publishable key".

You will also need to make sure to set up webhooks for Stripe so that any payment updates like refunds and chargebacks will be displayed in Buycraft.

In your Stripe account, you will be able to find the webhook settings by going to "API" then clicking "Webhooks" in the top of the page.

Then you will be able to click "Add Endpoint" at the top of the page and enter your IPN URL which will be: 

"<Webstore ID>". 

You can find your webstore ID in your Buycraft account at "". Make sure to set the mode as "Live" and click "Create Endpoint".

Buycraft settings

Then in Buycraft at "Settings > Payment gateways" page, you will need to select "Setup Payment Gateway" and pick Stripe from the selection of gateways. 

On the Stripe setup page, enter your Live Secret key and Live Publishable key into the boxes below. Lastly, the price offset feature is optional but will allow you to set a percentage or amount increase on this gateway.

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