How to set up CashU

To set up CashU with your Buycraft account you will need to start by logging into your CashU account. Once you have logged in you will need to go to "Merchant Services" then "Service Setup".

On this page, you will see a 4 step setup for your service:

  • First, enter a "Service name" and “Merchant Display Name”, then click next.
  • In "Payment methods" choose which options you would like to offer and click next.
  • Then in "Integration settings", enter a random value above 10 characters in length in the "Encryption Keyword" field (Keep this secret!). 
  • Next enter "" in the "Return URL" box and then your webstore URL in the "Sorry URL" field and click next.
  • On the next page you will need to select each of the countries/regions from which you would like to accept payments. Once this is done you can click finish.

Finally, you can Go over to your Buycraft account and open the Gateways settings for CashU and enter your Merchant Display Name in the Merchant ID field and enter the random encryption keyword you previously chose in the Encryption Key field. When you have finished and clicked update, you will now be able to accept payments with CashU! 

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