How to set up a subscription package

A subscription package allows you to bill the player each billing cycle. You can then either give indefinite permissions or commands executed each billing cycle.
To set up recurring subscriptions you will need to enable a payment gateway which accepts subscriptions. You can currently only accept subscriptions through Paypal, Paymentwall or 2Checkout. PayPal only allows a minimum of a single day subscription.
You can create a subscription package from the "Packages" page. Once you have created a package, you will need to set either  "Subscription" or "Single & Subscription" as the type of the package. To choose the amount of time between billing dates you need to enter a value in the "Expire after" field.
If you want a command to execute each time the subscription automatically renews, you can use the "Renewal" command type. You can also set renewal commands from the "Global commands" feature under "Settings > Commands" in the control panel.
You can view active subscriptions in the "Subscriptions" section. To manually cancel a subscription for a player you will need to go into the gateway.

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