How to create a coupon

Coupons are used to give a player a discount for a package or an entire basket. They can be given out as rewards and for increasing purchases during events and holidays. You can create a coupon by going to "Discounts > Coupons". On this page, you will be able to view your existing coupons and create new coupons. 
When you are creating or editing a coupon you can choose your own coupon name e.g. "WEEKEND". Or you can use the generate button and use a 12 digit code. Coupons can discount by, Package, Category, or entire basket.
The Discount Type can be either percentage or amount. The "Amount" option will discount each package in the basket if you choose packages/categories in "Effective on". For example, if the coupon is a discount of $5.00 and you have two packages which are $7.00 in the basket each package will be $2.00. Selecting "Entire basket" will discount the amount set from the total basket price.
You can schedule the coupon to become active at a set time. Or you can set it to become active immediately. You can also choose to allow the coupon to only redeem on one-off or subscription packages.
You can choose for the coupon to expire after redemption or after a certain time. The minimum basket value makes sure the basket cannot go below the set price with the use of a coupon. You can also set the redeem limit per customer, this limits the number of times a single player can use that coupon.

Coupons don't work like gift cards so a $10 coupon can buy a $5 package for free. It will not save the extra $5 discount to be redeemed on the next purchase with the same coupon. That use of the $10 coupon will also count against the limited number of uses if enabled. But, you can use the code again if there is not a user or global limit reached. Subscriptions purchased at a discount will bill at the discount price on each bill date
You can set the number of times coupons can be redeemed on a basket from "Settings > Webstore". If the coupon brings the price to "0" then for that purchase you will need to make sure free packages are enabled by enabling free baskets.
Coupons can also be redeemed now directly with a link, for example, "" or "". You simply replace the 'example' with your coupon name and this link will apply the coupon to the basket.

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