Exporting payments

The exports feature is used for downloading your payments data in a CSV file. You can find this option in the "Payments" section of your control panel.

After clicking the export button on the Payments page it will then give you the option to choose the time period which you would like to export which will then choose all payments between and including the dates entered. 

In the downloaded file, the data will be arranged in the following columns: 

  • ID - The ID of the payment in Buycraft
  • Transaction ID - The ID from the gateway used to process the payment 
  • Date - The date and time of purchase
  • Status - The status of the payment at the time of export
  • Gateway - The gateway used: Free, Manual, Paypal, Stripe, Paymentwall etc.
  • Username - The username the player entered on your store
  • UUID - The UUID of the username
  • Price - The amount paid
  • Tax - The amount of Tax added (See Tax tutorials)
  • Currency - The currency of the payment
  • Name - The name the player entered during checkout
  • Address - The address the player entered during checkout
  • Country - The country from which the player is purchasing
  • Email - The email the player entered during checkout
  • IP - The IP from which the player purchased the package
  • Packages - The ID of the packages that were purchased
  • Applied Coupons - The ID of the coupons that were applied the purchased

The data is ordered in reverse chronological order with the newest payments appearing at the top of the file when opened in Excel or Google sheets.

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