How to set up modules

Modules show different content on your webstore, like recent payments, featured packages, and so on. To create modules go to "Design > Modules" and press the add/new module button then choose the module you wish to add. In each module, there is "Header" which changes the name of the module on the webstore.

Featured Package

The Featured Package module allows you to showcase a package in the sidebar of your webstore. This can be used to display a new package or even a favourite package. 

Payment Goal

The payment goal module displays a progress bar which shows how close you are to the processing goal you set for a specific period. 
  • "Period" allows you to choose how often the goal resets (the goal will reset at the beginning of the hour/day/month/year)
  • "Bar style" changes if the bar is striped or a solid colour
  • "Goal target" is the target amount that you need to receive for the goal to be complete  
You can then set if the percentage will go over 100% or if it stops at 100% of if you want the goal bar to be animated. Finally, you can choose if the target displays as just a percentage or as an amount and percentage.

Recent Payments

The recent payment module is used to display the recent purchases on your store. When adding this module the "Display limit" is the number of recent payments that will display in the module. You can then change whether the package, time and price appear on the recent purchase or if free packages will display on the module. 

Server Status

The server status module displays your server IP, a number of players on your server, and if it is online. You will need to enter your IP address/hostname and port for your server. You can also set the server module to not display if the server is offline. 
To order the modules you can use the white arrow button and drag the module to the appropriate place. Combining modules with the Theme and Template features gives you variety over the content and style of your webstore.

Text Box

The Text Box module allows you to display extra content in the sidebar. It can be used to display a contact email or any information you want to display outside of your welcome page. 

Top Customer

The Top Customer module displays the customer who has purchased the most on your webstore. "Period" sets how often this module resets (the goal will reset at the beginning of the time period you set, hour/day/month/year). You can also choose if the module displays how much the customer has spent on your webstore.
Community Goal

The community goal module allows you to display the progress of your community Goal on your webstore with display options for the progress bar and an amount/percentage toggle.

Gift card balance checker

If you are using Giftcards on your store you can enable the Gift card balance checker to allow customers to find out how much they have left on their card by entering the card code.

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