Chargeback prevention

Our current chargeback protection is a global banning system where a player’s IP and username/UUID are banned from purchasing if their chargeback percentage is higher than the store's chargeback threshold.

You can find the chargeback settings in "Fraud > Chargeback Protection" in your Buycraft control panel. From this page, you can change the chargeback threshold, choose to ban via username and IP and choose the behaviour of pending commands after a chargeback. 

It works on the percentage of chargebacks a player has made in relation to complete payments across every single store on the Buycraft network, making the system really comprehensive at keeping out the players who have made a chargeback maliciously before.

For example,  if a player has made 2 chargebacks out of 5 payments then their chargeback percentage would be 40%. The store owner then chooses what percentage of chargebacks a player can have and still purchase on the store.

After choosing your chargeback percentage you can then choose if this will block IP's or usernames with a higher percentage. Finally, on this page, you will be able to choose what will happen with pending commands when a purchase is charged back, by executing them immediately or deleting them. 

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