Commands not executing

If commands are not being executed on your server after a user has purchased a package or after you have added a manual payment please follow the troubleshooting guide below.

Step 1:

Make sure that the Buycraft plugin is installed and linked to your account with the correct secret key. To verify this, type "/ buycraft " in  game  (or without the "/" via the console). If an error occurs stating that your secret key is incorrect or missing please follow the steps in the installation tutorial.

Step 2:

Make sure that the players with pending packages wait  about  5 minutes while logged into the server if the commands with "Require the player to be online" set to "Only execute the command when the player is online".  Also,  Packages are processed on your server every few minutes and you will not receive the package until this time frame has passed.

Step 3:

Double check all commands in the package and make sure that there  aren't  any accidental spelling mistakes or "/" entered before the command. 

Step 4:

Check if the commands execute correctly when entering them directly into the console. If a command does not work when you  test  them via the server console then this means that the command has not been developed to support console execution.  Unfortunately,  commands like these are not capable of being executed via Buycraft.

Step 5:

The commands could also not be executing because of an incorrect BungeeCord set up. If you are using a BungeeCord set up you should check your settings against those in our  BungeeCord setup tutorial.

If none of the methods above have corrected your issue, please look through your server's logs and check for any errors that have been shown by Buycraft. If you do find an error, please email us with the error and include the file generated by the "/ buycraft  report" command.

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