Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is on of the best ways to keep your account secure and make sure that even if someone has your username and password, they are unable to gain access to your account.

To use this feature you will need to download the recommended "Google auth" app for iPhone or Android. Once downloaded you will need to go to "Profile" in the Buycraft control panel and enable Two Factor Authentication. 

After clicking "Enable" you will need to enter your phone number, making sure to include your country code (+1, +44, +61) in front of your phone number.

Next, click to send a pin to your phone to confirm it's your number and enter the 6 digit number from the text. If you do not receive the message after a few minutes you can click to resend the pin. 

Now you will need to open your Google Auth app and select the "Scan Barcode". Hold up the camera to the QR code which will be displaying on your screen and it should create the endlessly generating code named "Buycraft" in the app. Lastly, you will need to enter the code generated on your phone to confirm that it's paired and working. 

Once you have completed that last step you will now have Two Factor Authentication completely set up for your account and will need to use a 6 digit code after entering your normal login details to log into your account. If you ever lose your phone but still remain on the same number you will be able to receive an SMS message with an emergency code during the login process so you can still access your account.

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