How to report a bug

You can report a bug by clicking the "Contact us" button in our knowledgebase and sending us an email. Please make sure that when you are reporting a bug you send us the details on how it happened, where it happened, and if possible a screenshot of the error.

If the bug or issue is appearing on the control panel or the webstore please make sure to detail the steps taken just before the bug appears in your email. Please be aware that we don't provide support for bugs caused by the contents of a custom theme or template.  

If you are reporting a problem with the plugin then make sure to include the server logs from the time of this issue and a Buycraft report. You can create a report by entering the command "/buycraft report" in the server console or in-game. Once the report is created you will be able to find it in the Buycraft plugin folder, you can either send us the "report.txt" file or paste the contents into an email for us. 

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