How to resend commands

If you are doing a server reset or have had some downtime and need to resend the commands from recent or historic payments you can do so by resending the commands. You can find this feature in the control panel by going to "Settings > Commands > Resend commands". 

When you start the process of resending commands you will first be able to choose the period of time you would like to resend the commands from. Next, you can choose the status or statuses of the payments which you would like to execute, for example, you can choose any payment from the period with a status of "Complete", or you can choose "Complete" and "Refund" payments to resend. 

You can then choose to either "Resend all commands", "Resend all commands linked to selected packages" and "Resend all commands linked to selected servers". The resend batches are limited by the number of payments which meet the criteria you have set.

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