How to set up the BungeeCord plugin

The BungeeCord plugin is for executing BungeeCord plugin commands on the BungeeCord server. To install the Buycraft BungeeCord Plugin on your server you will need to log into your Buycraft account and then:

  1. Download the latest version of the BungeeCord plugin from the "Plugins" page in the control panel 

  2. Drag and drop the file into your "/plugins" folder in your BungeeCord files
  3. Start your BungeeCord proxy
  4. Go to Settings then Servers on your Buycraft account 
  5. If you haven't already got a secret key especially for BungeeCord then you should create one. Then click "Edit" on your server and then "Show Secret Key" to copy your server secret key 

  6. Next,  you will need to enter the following command in the console (Without the < and >):  
buycraft secret <secret key>

When everything is set up a message will appear giving you confirmation of a successful installation. To check if Buycraft has been installed enter the “buycraft” command, it will show you a list of the commands which you can use in the console. 

For more information on the configuration for using BungeeCord with Buycraft on the servers, you can view our article on setting up BungeeCord.

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